write an abstract introduction and customer need

I will post everything you need to do start sting the abstract, introduction and customer need. this only what you have to write about the project and I will post so It basically all about copy and paste what exactly need to be done

Suggested format for NEBEC Paper/Abstract


1 paragraph with succinct summary of project. States the purpose of the project, details of the design approach being taken, and any result obtained at the time of submission.


A shortened version of your Project Definition deliverable. Suggest using 3 paragraph approach. First paragraph describes the general problem/condition/disease you are addressing, including clinical relevance. Second paragraph explores the current way that problem/condition/disease is diagnosed/treated, along with the limitations of that approach (hence the need for your device). Third paragraph states the direction your project is taking to solve this problem. Doesn’t necessarily need to be 3 paragraphs total, but that gives you an idea of how to roughly structure it.

Customer Needs (optional)

Some groups like to describe their customer and the customer needs up front to help explain the design they went with. So you can use info from your Customer Needs document to do this section if you choose to go this route.

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