write a summary after reading the pdf then a 2 5 page double space report 3


Write a summary for each reading. A summary highlights (emphasizes) the main points of a text.

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Structure your summary as follows:

  • Name the author (or authors) and title of the text.
  • Identify 2-3 of the major points or ideas of the reading. Be concise. Accurately represent the author’s writings. Use direct quotations from the text.
  • Conclusion: What findings (evidence, conclusions) does the author give?

Example of opening sentence:

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In “__________” (title of article) by __________ (author’s first and last name), the author documents…

• Don’t copy sentences verbatim from the text. Summarize the reading in your own words.

• Use present tense, for example:

The article documents, describes, examines, etc.

The author observes, writes, concludes by saying, etc.

• Type the following at the top left or right corner of the front-page:

Your first & last name

Environmental Problems & Solutions

Winter 2020

Reading title & author(s)

Getting started

Grab the reader’s attention by:

Citing an interesting fact or statistic from the reading.

Opening with a quote from the reading.

Posing a question your summary will answer.

Using examples from the reading.

Word length

• 2.5 pages typed.

• 12-sized font (any style).

• Double-spaced.

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