world cultures discussion

Each week you will be given three or four questions pertaining to important topics covered in the materials provided in the question itself, the textbook, the lectures, the other materials provided, and my comments in my Live Session. You choose the one you like and post a response of 125 words or more. You also need to respond to another post from one of your fellow students. This second post should be at least 60 or so words long and should not just agree with or repeat what has been said.

Please always use an example that has not already been used in the discussion.

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  • What makes Baroque art “baroque”? Identify 3 important defining aspects of Baroque painting and sculpture. Using one artist and one specific piece of artwork from Italy and one artist and one specific piece of artwork from the Low Countries, France, England, or Germany, explain these defining aspects of Baroque art. Do not use an example that has already been used. Compare and contrast the two artists and their work. Did their locations have an impact on their work? Who were their clients? What stories were they trying to tell with their art? Focus on the years 1550 to 1660.
  • One of the biggest changes we see in the world between 1550 and 1660 is the decline of religion as the source of authority and the rise of science to take its place. We often refer to this change as the Scientific Revolution and the Scientific Method developed during this period. What is the Scientific Method? Explain the contribution of two people who helped to create the Scientific Revolution. Does religion still have a role in our world today? How do we resolve issues when religion and science come into conflict? How did they resolve these issues in 1600?
  • Music between 1600 and 1660 underwent profound changes at the hands of the four great Italian composers your book cites, Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Corelli, and Vivaldi. Musical performances had to be experienced live and we see a steady increase in the use of more and different instruments. This changed the music and performances became larger and more complex. By the end, they are multi-media events with moving stage sets and casts of hundreds. Using the work of the four Italian composers above and of J.S. Bach as examples, explain how music changed between 1550 and 1660.
  • Europeans were exploring every corner of the globe that their ships could get them to between 1550 and 1660. How did this change the European economy and how Europeans saw the world and their place in it? What did their explorations mean for the people whom they encountered?


Monteverdi and Vivaldi

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Baroque Visual Arts

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