Week 5

Answer all questions in 300 Words. Chicago style format


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1. How did World War II alter the status of African Americans?


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 2.  How did World War II affect the status of black workers in America?

3.  What was the overall significance of A. Philip Randolph’s march on Washington DC, and how did the president respond to it?


4.During this time the United States was fighting a war trying to end fascism around the world and spread democracy, however, there was still a problem at home in terms of civil rights and the treatment of Blacks. What was the perception that the United States was offering to its counterparts abroad? Was the United States contradicting themselves?


Answer Question in 150 to 200 Words 


1. It is your view that the current state of the black community would be greatly improved if African Americans were in fact given their 40 acres and a mule after the civil war?  


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