week 1 discussion quot company description and mission statement quot

Week 1 Discussion


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“Company Description and Mission Statement”

Throughout this course, you will develop a series of written papers and projects that you will later combine into a complete business plan for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage (NAB) company.

For this discussion, you must first review the NAB COMPANY PORTFOLIO. This document you downloaded from PlanningShop using the Access code you purchased from the Strayer Bookstore.

The portfolio contains the company parameters and details you must follow when developing your company (Note #1, page 4).

All the discussions and assignments in this class will be focused on the Non-Alcoholic Beverage company you create.

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  • Create your Non-Alcoholic Beverage company name and explain the significance of the name.
  • Describe the beverage you will produce (key ingredients and any flavors you will offer).
  • Develop your company’s Mission Statement.


  • Use headings for each section.
  • Use quotation marks for the mission statement.
  • You will use this information in Assignment 1 – Questions 1 and 2.
  • Check out Chapter 5: Company Description to read more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.


To help you get started with Week 1 Discussion


Top of Form

1.Company name

Choose a name that is unique, easy to remember, and it is representative of the non-alcoholic beverage you are focusing on or has a specific meaning. You will also explain the significance of the chosen name (what does it mean)


Your product must be a non-alcoholic beverage (water, energy drink, soda, tea, smoothie, etc.) just make sure you are bringing something new to the market and something that fills a gap in the current product offerings. You will clarify what your product is, the key ingredients, and how many flavors you will offer.

3.Mission statement

The mission statement should be a cohesive statement, clarifying who you are, what you do (what needs are you fulfilling) and why you are in business (purpose). It should not exceed 3 sentences and must be in quotation marks. See the attached example- Mission statement for Trader Joe’s Grocery store. In Assignment 1 you will also explain the components of your mission.

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