using the reflective process

In a4 to 5-page paper, using APA format and college-level grammar skills, complete the following:

  • Describe a professional experience that you found challenging and discuss your response to the situation. Provide anonymity to all participants you include in the experience.
    • Why did you respond as described?
    • What are your thoughts and feelings associated with the experience?
    • How did others in the situation feel?
  • Describe the consequences of your response:
    • What was the impact on the patient, others, and/or yourself?
    • What might have happened if you had responded differently?
    • Explain how your response did or did not support your beliefs.
  • Identify the knowledge you had or should have had in this situation, and if your response was or was not related to previous experiences.
  • Discuss what you learned from the experience and explain how this experience was transformed into learning. Discuss if this experience affected or changed your:
    • Responses in your practice environment; and
    • Level of competence in nursing practice.

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