UNI 220 Academic Refresher

UNI 220 Academic Refresher

Analysis Paper


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Journal A

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Students sometimes begin this class feeling resistant to the course, the materials, or even the instructor.  How are you feeling about taking this class?  The level of self-reflection that will be required of you?  In keeping with the spirit of these journals, feel free to be honest and to dive deep.


Journal C (This journal requires the completion of an additional self-assessment.)

Copy the scores from your self-assessment onto your journal page.  Looking over your scores, what surprises you the most about what you see?  What areas are you most concerned about?  What specific changes would you like to make this semester?  Why?


Journal G



1.  [Scenario 1] Think of a time (i.e. project, class, job, etc.) when you were very motivated for success. Dive deep and describe this experience (and the outcome) in detail. Describe the value of the project, job, class, etc. or the experience. How important was the outcome or experience to you? How did you feel about the benefits associated with the task? Think about your abilities (skills, knowledge, etc.) and how challenging and demanding the task was. Before you started the task what were your expectations for success and was the effort required reasonable?




Journal J

In this journal, you will assess the degree to which your time management reflects the goals you have set for yourself.


Journal M


In this journal you will explore your feelings about asking for help and being asked for help.



Journal N


In this journal entry, you will explore the creation and maintenance of support networks.

Write about three ways you could expand your support network for a specific issue.


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