this is a course in women s rights

You are required to hand in an annotated bibliography as a part of your major writing assignment this semester. At least 5 academic, peer-reviewed, sociological sources must be used for this assignment. Be sure you are using academic sources, and that they are located in sociological journals or books. You may use course texts in addition to the five required sources. NO Internet sources such as Wikipedia for this assignment. USE BOOKS AND PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS. If you have any questions about your sources, please discuss them with me. The Forsyth Library has ample sociological and psychology journals available for your use that are accessible through the library website. Your annotated bibliography must contain a thesis statement and the basic objectives of your gendered issues paper. What is the issue you will be discussing? How do you plan to approach this issue? Include your reason(s) for discussing this issue. Be sure to include sources with varying opinions and perspectives on your issue. Include how and why each source is important and how it will be important in your paper. An annotation guide is available in Blackboard for further information. You will cite your source in APA formatting and write just a paragraph under why you are using this source under each.

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