thesis explanation

Q1. You will be posting a possible thesis about ONE of the following topics:

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  1. creating a classroom environment in an online course
  2. OR…reasons for the growth of online learning in America

Your post should make a firm, provable claim concerning ONE of these topics and then briefly discuss the evidence that you would provide to support this argument. Imagine that you are making a skeleton outline of a paper that you would actually write. Is there a particular order in which you would present your points and why would you choose this order?

Then, you will be responding to two peers by reading their proposed theses and their evidence. Respond by determining if your peer’s thesis is provable, if it needs to be proven, and if it needs to be clarified/refined. Also, do you agree with the order in which they presented their evidence or could you propose another order that would make more sense and why? Here is the answers from others Choose any 2 from (a-c)

A. Those who struggle to attend on-campus classes for reasons such as having a family and/or having a career/job attribute to the reasons for growth of online learning in America.

I chose the thesis stated above for various reasons. Statistics show that a large portion of individuals who are settled down with families, and/or already have a career, struggle to attend classes that are on-campus due to their intense schedule. Juggling a full-time work schedule and/or a family makes it difficult to carve out time to drive to campus, sit through class, and then drive back home. Online learning gives them the ability to take the classes they may want/need while continuing their normal schedule. I would focus on using the percentages of individuals who fall into that category as supportive evidence for this argument.

B. Thesis: With the growth of online learning, more working adults with families are taking on the challenges of college.

As an adult with a family and full-time career, I choose the growth of online learning in America for my thesis. Not only is this something that I can relate to, but it is also something that can be proven. Online learning makes it easier for someone, like myself, to take on college one course at a time at ones own pace without the hassle of going on campus. To help prove this thesis I would take to the internet to find the statistics that I need.


The expansion of online learning has created an avenue for people of all walks of life to explore the education options that would otherwise be inaccessible. This shift gives the public the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to expand their career paths regardless of personal positions.


  • Location- I would use this to discuss the challenges of living in a location void of education options. Whether it be lacking physical education facilities, or schools that offer paths relevant to your interests.
  • Personal time based afflictions- This would be where I would discuss things in your day-to-day that impact the ability to attend in person classes.
    • Full Time Job – working to develop your career hands on in a field of interest.
    • Family-Either being a full time parent or full time worker, providing for your family/ personal well being.

I would explain my point in the order of what will directly correlate with the experiences of the audience and end with the topic that evokes the most empathy from the reader to further sell my point of view.

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