The Development of Transportation Project

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The Development of Transportation Project
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The Development of Transportation Project:

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3/24/2020 7:37:52 PM

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Transportation did not develop in a vacuum, and the transportation systems that we have today and will have in the future continue to develop in a confluence of historical, cultural, and geographic contexts. These contexts are the details in which the proverbial “devil” resides; unfortunately, our world has in it too many people who do not think that context is important. It is unfortunate because today’s problems in all spheres of life, including transportation, are often the result of the actions of people who did not learn the lessons of historical and other contexts, and try to reinvent the wheel, making the same mistakes over and over again. In order to know and understand the why and how of things from portaging ships in ancient times to modern integration of transportation supply chain processes, it is always important to put facts in context. For example, the fact is that the development of containerization began to occur in the same timeframe as the development of computerization and sophisticated global communications technology, and soon thereafter the de-regulation of several transportation modes. Those developments in context created synergies, which mean that today a customer can seamlessly ship cargo from the interior of the United States to the interior of India in less than a month on a “through bill of lading.” Your assignment is to identify a specific mode of transportation, research it, and write a descriptive paper of no less than ten pages that shows the development of that transportation mode from its earliest origins to present day 2020.

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