TH50095E MICE: Corporate Events

You have been commissioned by the magazine “Special Events”, for their upcoming special edition themed ‘Business Travel Matters’. The magazine readership is primarily comprised of event and corporate meetings professionals, as well as a wider hospitality audience.  

Top 3 trends chosen is:

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2.INNOVATIONAL TRAVEL (in the meetings sector)

3.TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (More live streaming as it would be quicker and cheaper)

For each of the top three trends how do they

-Influence the business travel market and the demands of the business consumer (How are they providing for them and real examples of innovative best practices).

-Your article should highlight the scope of the international corporate events and travel industry in terms of scale and size, product offerings and innovation in design.

-It should analyse how these factors satisfy the varied requirements of the business traveller.

-Your article should draw upon appropriate academic theory, terminology and examples selected from professional practices at an International level.  In order to complete this assessment, you will need to consider:

-The size and scope of the corporate hotel industry, as well as the business travel sector within it

-Current trends within the business travel sector, including justification as to why they are the most important

-How the industry is currently providing for business travellers, supported by actual examples of innovative best practice

-How the market is likely to change, and how businesses should best respond to make the most of these changes. Identify any examples of companies that are already responding or anticipating these changes.  


-Your audience is an informed, professional one. Therefore, you are expected to deal with complex academic issues, but explained in a simple and straightforward way. Your writing must be authoritative and informative.

-No in-text citation. However, your article MUST be informed by high quality sources, and points made must be supported with evidence. There are simple and straightforward ways you can do this that do not required a Harvard citation.

-For example, instead of saying: “Mintel (2015) states that total spend on business travel fell by 5% in 2014 but is expected to grow by 1% in 2015.”  

-(SHOULD BE DONE LIKE THIS) You could say: “The market intelligence firm Mintel found that spend on business travel fell by 5% in 2015. Their research suggests however that it is likely to grow by 1% in 2015.” The magazine editor requires that you submit your article with a bibliography, that shows the sources

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