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Building Confidence in Your Child explores how to foster good self-esteem in children as they grow. The purpose of this assignment is to systematically interact with this text. Your text review will consist of the following 4 sections: Summary: You will condense this book into a 2-page summary to show that you have read the text and understood the main themes and ideas presented. Research: Dr. Dobson relays several different methods of building confidence in children. You will identify 1 of the approaches Dr. Dobson talks about and discuss how it can be effective and/or ineffective. You will support your response with at least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed, outside sources in a 2 page discussion. Reflection: You will consider some of the following questions: How did you experience reading through this text? What did you appreciate most about it and why? Did you see any gaps that you would want more information on? Strive to integrate personal experience in this section to help the ideas from the text become more concrete. This section must be 2 pages. Application: You will discuss how this text could benefit both your personal and professional growth? What steps can be implemented to make changes in both your personal life and prospective professional career to account for what has been learned? This section must also be 2 pages. Correct current APA formatting must be implemented throughout this paper; however, first person language may be used in the reflection and application sections. A title page and references page must be included, but an abstract will NOT be necessary for this assignment. Assignment instructions and the grading rubric must be carefully reviewed to ensure that all assignment criteria are met.

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