TC40076E CAD for Civil Engineers

Drawing Scales:

· The scale for detailing drawings: 1:5 or 1:10 or 1:25.

· The scale for plans, elevations / sections: 1:200.

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Note: All drawings need to be drawn within a Title Block.

Light Industrial Factory and Office Block

The client’s brief

· The proposed steel framed light industrial factory and adjoining cast-in-situ reinforced concrete framed office block are shown in plan and section in Figure 1.

· The project is in a green field site and will be the first part of an industrial zone planned at London, Ealing, UK. There are no access problems at this site.

· The project is required to be of pleasing appearance, inside and out. The roof and the sides of the factory are to be of an insulated, double skin and profiled aluminium cladding. Glazed curtain walling is to be used for the sides of the offices.

· After much discussion, the client has agreed to one central column in the factory area with perimeter columns as required commensurate with the door openings.

· A centrally placed column free area (60x10m) should be provided at the ground floor of the office block (see Figure 1).

You are expected to produce a set of drawings with reference to above schematic plan and section (Figure 1). The drawings include:

Drawings set Score

Foundation Plan


Learning on this unit is student centred. You are expected to find information and research the  topics independently. You must be prepared to do your own research in the University library

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