summarize the ted talk video the danger of science denial by michael spice

Assignment Overview

A rhetorical analysis requires a summary of the source being analyzed. Since you will be writing a rhetorical analysis of your chosen TED Talk, you will need an effective summary of the talk. For this assignment, you will summarize the content of your chosenTED Talk in one paragraph (approximately 5-7 sentences) and submit it for grading. Your instructor will grade it using the same rubric that will be used for grading your rhetorical analysis.


This assignment will give you the opportunity to get feedback on your TED Talk summary before you include it in your rhetorical analysis.


  • Watch the instructional video on writing summaries provided in Blackboard.
  • Select a TED Talk from the TED Talk archive in Blackboard
  • Print the transcript if available
  • Watch the TED Talk, paying close attention to the content of the argument
  • Take notes on the main points of the argument
  • Use your notes to complete assignment #1: TED Talk Summary according to the instructions in the summary video

Criteria for Success

  • The summary must be limited to one paragraph (approximately 5-7 sentences)
  • The summary must be based on a video from the TED Talk archive
  • The summary should effectively employ Standard American English (free of grammar errors)

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