SOCW 6510 Social Work Field Education II


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For this assignment, you are required to (a) identify a current practice problem relevant in your current agency (i.e., working with resistant clients, engaging clients when they don’t talk much, having negative perceptions about your client, countertransference, etc.), (b) after identifying your practice problem, conduct an extensive literature search as it relates to your practice problem that provides you with a complete understanding of the practice problem. Based on your findings in the literature, what did you discover that will help you address your practice problem? How might your research guide your work in your field agency?

How literature helps to address this practice problem

Existing research offers evidence-based skills, knowledge, and tools that guide one in addressing situations with clients. The traditional model (medical) has been employed by several clinicians to address resistant clients as it conceptualizes alcoholism as a progressive disease first advocated by Jellinek (1952, 1960). The client is often regarded as an individual that will not accept the reality of addiction, which warrants confrontation and education to reawaken this person to become more aware of the nature and gravity of his/her alcohol dependence. For successful therapy, respect is required even when treating the most challenging client with alcohol addiction. As per Nicholas (2006) of the Annals of American Psychotherapy Association, the client’s readiness towards treatment is a myth which requires the therapist’s readiness for the most challenging client to educate, instruct, advise, confront, guide, reassure and direct them on how to approach and resolve adverse/challenging situations. Hester and Miller (1989) mentioned Behavioral Self-Control Training (BSCT) as a treatment approach that can be used to pursue a goal of moderate and non-problematic drinking or “controlled drinking (p. 141).””

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