SOCI-236 Issues in Crime

1. Choose an issue in crime/criminology from one of the following areas:

(a) Russian Mafia

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(b) Biological Perspectives in Criminology

(c) Serial killers (I chose Serial killers)


2. Based on the issue in crime which you have chosen you will be provided with an article from a sociological or criminological journal on your topic.


3. Relate your article to one of the following criminological theories that were covered in class and in your text:

(a) Rational Choice theories

(b) Biological theories

(c) Psychological theories (I chose Psychological theories)


4. Discuss the following topics as they relate to your article and the criminological theory that you have chosen:

Basic Idea and Major Theorists

(a) The Role of Law, the Definition of Crime, and the Image of the Criminal

(b) Causal Logic

(c) Criminal Justice System Implications, including Criminal Justice Policy and

(d) Correctional Ideology and Techniques of Crime Control


5. Conclude by providing an evaluation/criticism of the article that you have chosen.  The criticism can come from a different criminological theory than the one that you have chosen, which looks at your issue of crime in a different light.  For example, biological and psychological theories of crime are criticized by rational choice theories for not taking into account the opportunities that influence people to choose to commit crimes.

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