SOC 376 Introduction of Criminology Research Methods


1. What is your proposed independent variable?

2. What is your proposed dependent variable?  

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3. What is your proposed hypothesis? 

 4. Upload a full-text version of your first source. 

Conclude this section with a brief paragraph that draws two conclusions: 

1.What methods have previous researchers used to study your topic? Is there a most popular approach?

2.What findings have previous researchers reported for your topic? Is there a pattern in the findings, or consensus among studies?

3. In the Research Design subsection, identify the one research design you would use. Do not propose: multiple research designs, a qualitative study, a meta-analysis, or secondary data analysis. Instead, propose a research design that involves collecting your own data and that would permit statistical analyses. Identify the research design, and then describe in detail how you would execute it. Provide sufficient details to demonstrate that you understand the proposed research design and what would go into using it to test your hypothesis.

4. In the Sampling section, identify a probability sampling technique that you would use to select a sample of your population of interest. Specify what your population of interest is, and then describe what steps you would take to get the sample. In doing so, state your unit of analysis and your targeted sample size. 

5. Divide the Variable Measures section into three subsections: Dependent Variable, Independent Variable, and Control Variables. You need one dependent variable, one independent variable, and (at least) two logical control variables. For each variable, name it, define it and describe it in detail, and tell how you would measure it. What is its level of measurement? For nominal and ordinal variables, identify all categories and codes. For interval and ratio variables, identify the measurement increments. 

6. In the Strengths and Weaknesses section, show critical thinking in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of your proposed research design in testing your hypothesis. Divide this discussion into three subsections: Ethics, Reliability, and Validity. You are encouraged to cite the textbook in these discussions.

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