Short answer questions

1.) Does an understanding of poetic terms such as diction, tone, imagery, rhyme and meter, irony, symbolism, form, etc… add to your appreciation of it or not?  How so (or not)? Be specific.


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Short answer questions
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the poem for this question is “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” by shakespeare


2.) Think of a story that you read in the past, even one from your own childhood, that you really enjoyed reading (if you haven’t read many stories until taking this class, you can discuss one of the ones from this unit).  In roughly 200-250 words, write about the following: What made the story enjoyable to you then?  Using literary terms from this unit (plot, setting, character, theme, symbolism, etc…), how would say one or more of those terms contribute to your understanding of that story now?  Be specific and make sure to mention the story’s title and author. 


3.) Think about a possible story you would like to write about for your short story essay. Did you find a theme? If so, what is it? write a 200-250 word response that answers that question


4.)What do you think of Aristotle’s six principles? Do you think they’re still relevant to today’s drama– film, theatre and television? Which of his principles do you think is most important?  This post should be roughly 200 words in length.




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