short answer question 26

Read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible or watch the film adaptation and answer the following questions. Submit your answers on iLearn.

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Study Questions: (Answer in a sentence or two).

  1. Who was Mr. Hale? What was his role in the proceeding?
  2. Where did Mr. Hale get his “expertise” from?
  3. In the courtroom scenes who conducted, the examination of the witnesses?
  4. Who was Mr. Cheever? What was his role in the proceedings?
  5. For the accused, what was the easiest way to avoid execution?
  6. Eventually, Elizabeth Proctor was accused of witchcraft. How did she avoid trial?
  7. What happened to Giles Corey?
  8. In what ways were the witch trials different than a trial someone would get today? List at least five.

Questions for Thought: (Select one questions to answer in a paragraph or two).

  1. The play shows several reasons (other than witchcraft) that may have triggered panic about witches in 1692, such as: petty jealousy, political disputes, private disputes among neighbors, and land grabs. Historians and scholars have proposed other theories, such as: hostility toward women in traditional medicine, child sexual abuse, and trauma from conflicts precipitating the French and Indian War. What do you think was a primary cause of the Salem witch panic?
  2. What was happening in the United States in the 1950’s that inspired Arthur Miller to write the play? What social and political conditions do you think he was concerned about?
  3. What is the instructor thinking!?! Why would he give us a fictional play to start our legal study of Criminal Procedure? State several reasons you think this literature is relevant to introducing the subject.

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