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There is no limit as to the number of pages to be submitted; completeness of your marketing plan is what is important for your overall grade.Some “hints” to use in writing an Executive Cover Memo:Do not use terms such as “increase,” “decrease,” implement as soon as possible,” and other non-specific and non-analytical language; use very specific language when preparing your case analyses.Do not use transitory phrases in your report.Cite numbers ($ or % increase; market share growth) and attach all pertinent documents to your report.Before submitting your document, ask yourself the question, “Does this memo contain all of the information my boss needs to make a decision in my favor?” If not, revise your memo.This is to recommend the immediate construction of two additional campus-parking garages that will benefit from very fast economic paybacks to the University.

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Currently, the University campus has an enrollment of 32,000 with an annual growth rate of approximately 30 percent. Projected university-wide enrollment in the 2004-2005 academic year could approach 48,000+ students. With only three parking garages now at 100 percent capacity and only yyyyyy total parking spaces currently available, there is an immediate need for additional parking facilities at the main campus. Undeveloped land exists in relative abundance throughout the grounds for this use.A fourth fifth parking garage should be constructed in sufficient time to be online for the 2004-2005 academic years. At a completed, turnkey cost of $3.5 million and with a capacity of 2,500 vehicles each, the facilities will have a payback period of 6 years based upon the current student decal rate of $111.00/year. This payback timeline is sufficiently short for obtaining the highest safety rating possible for the revenue bonds that would finance the recommended construction.The same engineering/architecture plans will be employed as were used with the first three garage facilities. Serial revenue bonds will be issued as soon as approved. Site locations will be finalized by November 2001. Construction will commence in January 2005 with fast-track completion achieved by August 2005. Management (President and Board of Trustees) approval is needed by September 28, 2004.

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