Science in the News – Gluten Free


There is a fad becoming more prevalent where a lot of individuals, particularly women, are avoiding foods containing gluten. Going gluten free has actually been tentatively linked to heart disease and possibly diabetes. There are numerous news  articles addressing this issue.

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Science in the News – Gluten Free
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Read at least two science articles  and write a reflection paper of about 600 words regarding this topic, and what your thoughts are about the perspective in the article.


Start with describing what gluten is, and which foods contain it. Describe celiac disease and where it fits in the hypersensitivity classes. Address the issue of what is now called “non-celiac gluten intolerance”. Is there an immunological basis for this? Is this real? Reflect on what your thoughts are on this, and on the admonition given to non celiac individuals who avoid gluten.


Include your citations and a link to the articles.

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