SCIE 1060 Understanding science

The goal of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to explore science topics presented in the media, selecting an example that is of interest to you and that can be discussed in a small group.


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You are asked to find a current (and short) article in a newspaper or magazine on a science topic (any discipline of science) that is written for the general public. It shouldn’t be a long or complicated article. It should be something that you or a classmate could read and understand. You will have the opportunity to present your findings in small groups to your classmates for discussion. Specific requirements are listed below and a marking scheme is also provided (see page 2).



– Newspaper e.g. Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Waterloo Region Record

– Magazine e.g. Discover, Popular Science, Scientific American

– Science Daily

– Conestoga Library (get a PIN first)

(a)Hand in a copy of the article on the due date (NOT a web site link!!!


(b) Indicate the title of the article, where the article is from, the authors, and date published 


(c) Briefly summarize the article in your own words – to highlight the main points of the article. NOTE: You are required to look up and briefly explain any science terms, presented in the article, that are important to understanding of the article 


(d) What are your thoughts /opinions of the article and science topic(s) discussed? What do you find interesting about this article? Is the research or science worthwhile/ valuable to society? What sort of impact might it have, if any?

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