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1. Distinguish between constructive and destructive interference. Please use 3 content related sentences.2. Explain how surface waves can have characteristics of both longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Please use 3 content related sentences.3. A lifeguard on a beach observes that waves have a speed of 2.60 m/s and a distance of 2.50 m between wave crests. What is the period of the wave motion?  Please show all work.4. What will happen to the pitch of a sound as that sound’s source approaches an observer? Explain why this happens, based on what you have learned about wave properties. Please use 3 content related sentences.5. If a musical instrument such as a trumpet or flute is “flat”, should the pipe be lengthened or shortened? Explain with at least 2 content related sentences.6. A train is moving at 23 m/s due east when it sounds a blast on its horn, frequency = 164 Hz. What frequency is heard by the driver of a car moving due east at 15 m/s along a road parallel to the tracks? Use 343 m/s for the speed of sound. Please show all work. 8. A laser beam from Earth is reflected back from a mirror on the Moon in 2.60 s. If the distance between Earth and the Moon is 3.85 × 108 m, calculate the speed of light. Please show all work.9. Explain how the diffraction of light shows that light behaves like a wave. Please use 3 content related sentences.10. A 20.0 cm tall object is placed 50.0 cm in front of a convex mirror with a radius of curvature of 34.0 cm. Where will the image be located, and how tall will it be? Please show all work.11. Explain why convex mirrors can only produce virtual images. Please use at least 2 content related sentences.12. A mirror has a magnification of -2.5. Explain what this means in terms of the object produced.  Please use at least 2 content related sentences. 13. Tom’s father is 48 years old. He is not able to see nearby objects clearly.a. What may be the reason for his vision problem?b. Where are images formed in this type of defected vision?c. How is this defect corrected?14. Why does chromatic aberration occur?  Please use 3 content related sentences.15. Light passes from air into water at an angle of 40.0° to the normal. What is the angle of refraction?16. Why does the pattern of colors repeat in a thin soap film? Please use 2 content related sentences.17. Radio waves can bend around buildings. An X-ray technician stands behind a wall during the use of her machine. What does this tell you about the relative wavelengths of these two types of invisible light?  Please use 2 content related sentences.18. What does it mean when white light is diffracted and at a particular location the color seen is blue?  Please use 2 content related sentences.Identify each of the following as a conductors or insulators.

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19. cloth20. dry wood21. tap water22. glass23. A positively charged light metal ball is suspended between two oppositely charged metal plates on an insulating thread as shown below. After being charged once, the plates are disconnected from the battery. Describe the behavior of the ball.  Please use 3 content related sentences. 24. Air is an insulator. However, in winter you might experience a spark when your fingers touch a doorknob. Briefly explain why this happens.  Please use 2 content related sentences.25. Three positive charges A, B, and C, and a negative charge D are placed in a line as shown in the diagram. All four charges are of equal magnitude. The distances between A and B, B and C, and C and D are equal.a. Which charge experiences the greatest net force? Which charge experiences the smallest net force?

b. Find the ratio of the greatest to the smallest net force.26. A rubber rod can be charged negatively when it is rubbed with wool. What happens to the charge of the wool?27. The electric field around a positive charge is shown in the diagram. Describe the nature of these lines. Please use 2 content related sentences.

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