safety standards

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Contemporary Issues in Licensing: Building and Physical Premises Safety in Childcare (Links to an external site.). The Fire Department recently completed an inspection of the Bright Futures Early Learning Center and unfortunately you did not pass inspection.

The following infractions were listed:

  • Non-working smoke alarms were found
  • Objects (artwork) hung from the ceiling impede smoke alarm productivity
  • Multiplug adapters were found in multiple outlets
  • Obstructions in the hallways
  • Hazardous materials found within reach of children (bleach)
  • No fire escape route plan in multiple rooms
  • Playground ground cover not dense enough to break a child’s fall

For your discussion response, choose three violations and

  • Explain why these violations are considered infractions.
  • Create a plan to rectify these prior to inspection.
  • Explain how these infractions will be monitored so they do not happen again.

200 words

Must use one Scholarly Peer Reviewed Source

Cite According to APA Format

TURNITIN SCORE Must be below or at 20% and I will need your report as I will be turning in what you give in my own. If it doestnt meet what is asked I will ask you to re-do the work before submittig payment. Thank You

Resource Below:

Office of Child Care (2014). CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN LICENSING: Building and Physical Premises Safety in Child Care. Retrieved from

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