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please write a 50 to 100 words respond and your opinion to this two writing.

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Savanna Shepherd

WednesdayJan 15 at 9:39pm

Hello Everyone-

After carefully reading the Module 1 articles, I have come to the conclusion that the “Cell Phone Assignment” was the most interesting to me. It was interesting to read and to see the different outlooks on life without a cell phone. The whole assignment sounded fun, but challenging at the same time. I am sure going without a cellphone for that many days was a defiant challenge. Personally, I found it fascinating how the professor took twelve different students and they all pretty much had a different “take” and outlook from the assignment. From the outside, it sounds easy to go without a cellphone for a few days, but truthfully if that was any of us I am sure we would all suffer a great deal from attempting this specific assignment. My main thing would be safety. In the world that we live in today…no one can be too sure about anything or even anyone. Another interesting thing about this article was that the students all seemed to somewhat struggle, but in the end it seemed to have worked out to their advantages. A lot of them seemed to learn more about themselves and their peers around them.


Sidney Ratoskey

YesterdayJan 17 at 3:38pm

Although I found all of the articles to be thought provoking, I thought the article that described the cell phone experiment was the most worth analyzing. The writer did a good job examining the impact of smart phone usage on face to face interactions. One thing many people my age have in common is that we tend to get easily intimidated asking people for help or direction. I believe most of this is because from our reliance of technology to find most of our answers and therefore, leading to under developed social skills from the lack of social experience. Further contributing to society’s anxiety issues, we are exposed to an endless stream of stimulation coming from our iphones. It is important to recognize that historically we are the first humans to have access to this amount of information and communication all at once. Our brains are simply not evolved to handle what we are being exposed to, leading to burnout and overstimulation. Although smartphones are problematic, the introduction of new mediums of communication and knowledge have led us to major advancements in mankind. The most rural areas in America now have access to real information and contact with the rest of the world. The amount of ignorance globally is diminishing thanks to access to these new media platforms. I believe that smart phone usage should be closely examined by each individual to prevent the loss of meaningful interaction, however the idea of completely getting rid of them may not be progressive overall.

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