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A firewall is the most fundamental level of security features. A firewall allows or denies communication between computers and networks, such as home computer and an internet connection, or between two computers. Most of the computers and networks communicate by establishing connections using an Internet Protocol (IP) address and port. The windows firewall, allow or deny the transmission of information based on IP address and port information (Miller).

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Windows firewall is a default service and functions by using the following methodologies- A packet filter uses an access control list (ACL) to protect the computer by specifying which packets are permitted through the firewall depending on the IP address and protocol. While a stateful firewall determines which network packets are allowed through the network, that is, when a user accesses an outside network or computer, the firewall remembers the users’ communication and allows the appropriate packets into the computer. When an unknown computer tries to communicate with a firewall-protected computer, the packets are blocked unless the ACL grants access (Source Daddy).

Advantages and Disadvantages- A computer firewall can protect the computer and network from outside attacks, which makes the firewalls essential for basic internet security. For each IP address, the data should pass through different ports. The firewalls protect the computer by blocking traffic to some ports and allowing data through other ports, thus providing flexibility to accommodate different network needs safely. Though the firewall gives basic protection to a computer, it can not protect the network from malicious software such as computer viruses. Another weakness of the firewall is, as the demands for large businesses change daily, the computer hardware requires everyday maintenance, which leads to operational complexity (Papiewski).


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