Reflection: Ethical Comportment

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Grading Criteria for Reflection Assignments

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ReflectionEthical Comportment


Each student will prepare a portfolio as a requirement for graduation. The portfolio is used to assess student achievement of Eight End-of-Program Outcomes. End-of-Program Outcome #7 challenges us to incorporate professional values in formulation of ethical comportment and personal accountability for nursing practice. In other words, what are the essential lessons you have learned about being a good nurse?

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Webster’s Dictionary Definition or Comportment (n.): Manner of acting or controlling yourself, dignified manner of conduct.

For this assignment, select one of the following topics and write about your formative learning experience with the everyday ethical comportment of nurses.

1. Meeting the patient as a person: share a story of meeting a patient as a person and not as a diagnosis and how you connected with the patients’ vulnerabilities.

2. Preserving the dignity and personhood of patients: share a story of witnessing the assaults on the dignity of a patient inflicted by health care routines, treatments, and objectification. Describe how you have preserved that dignity and personhood.

3. How to respond to substandard practice: share a story of an encounter with substandard practice encountered in practice and your response or desired response given the challenge to behave professionally.

4. Patient advocacy: share a story of how you have provided patient advocacy. A story of giving voice to a patient, empowering a patient, clarifying confusion about treatment, making sure there are no dangerous drug interactions, allergies, or contraindications, or any other ways of advocacy.

5. Engaged in doing “good” in nursing practice: share a story of how you planned to improve your nursing practice for the second day you cared for the same resident (based on the care provided or not provided on the first day).

6. Being present with patients and families in their suffering: share a story of how you worked to alleviate suffering. Share how a patient’s pain, fears, and concerns moved you to be attuned to the patient and comfort them without being intrusive.

Manuscript Format: All portfolio writing will follow APA format (6th edition)and will have:

• Title page

• 12 point, Times New Roman font, black ink

• One inch margins

• Double-spaced

• Running head with page numbers

• 5-7 pages including title page and reference page

**HIPAA guidelines must be followed in all written documentation.Do not use patient identifiers.

Grading Criteria:

Correct spelling, grammar, and APA Format 10points

Substantive personal narrative of the selected topic 15 points

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