Real Estate Investment Trusts

Using information from the attached articles, answer the following questions (do NOT plagiarize  or copy direct quotes):

1. What three characteristics of the industry have been true even before institutional capital investment managers became interested in real estate as an investment?

2. Identify the two primary reasons institutions added real estate to their menu of investment options.  Then discuss the issues created by the massive movement of money into the new the pension advisory industry in the 1980s and the structural changes to equity investing in real estate through this infrastructure that followed.

3. REITs had been created by Congress in 1959 but saw very slow adoption. Explain the importance of the creation of the UPREIT and why this fueled the REIT industry growth.

4. What is meant by transparency in the investment world? What are the benefits of transparency to the investor?

5. Which contributes more to the cyclical nature of real estate: the economy or capital flows? ( A one word answer is not acceptable – I need your rationale.)

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