quote reading reflection


read the attached passage and choose one of the following quotes to perform a closed reading quote reflection. What are some patterns you notice in your selected quotation? How does your reading of the quotation tell you more about the themes you’re noticing in the novel?

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“By half-past ten their conjectures had become so fantastic that the rest of the family thought the whole scheme was nothing more than one of Lolly’s odd jokes that nobody was amused by.” (91-1)

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“We are all devoted to you. And now, without a word of warning, your propose to leave us and go and live at a place called Great Mop. Lolly! I must ask you to put this ridiculous idea out of your head.” (94-1)

“I consider you my charge.” (94-13)

“I have reminded you that I am forty-seven. If I am not old enough now to know what is sensible and suitable, I never shall be.” (95-1)

“Your capital has always been in my hands, Lolly, and I have administered it as I thought fit.” (96-7)

word requirement: 300 words minimum

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