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This week, you are planning for project closure. This may be just as important as project initiation. You will also provide detail and a status update for the activities that you have performed to date on your network integration project. As part of the status and requirements update, you will produce a final network infrastructure diagram that represents the requirements and new network configuration or topology for the capstone project. You are tasked with creating a final presentation to communicate to your constituents on what the project is and summarize all of the major areas already captured in your Word document.

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The deliverables for Week 5 are as follows:

•Project Closure Plan ◦List at least 5 major closeout categories.

◦Identify the activities that are needed to complete each of these closeout categories in a plan format.

◦Describe how each activity will assist in closing out the project?

◦Include an analysis of whether the project was successful or not.

◦Provide a list of lessons learned and what can be done differently in a future, similar project.

•Project Status and Requirements Updates ◦Include a final status update of your actual project status.

◦Update any final challenges, risks, and change requests. ◾Describe how they have been handled.

◦Draw a network infrastructure diagram to represent the network integration project requirements, and describe each major component in the diagram. (Visio is a good choice for creating this diagram.)

Final Project Word Document

•Title Page ◦Course number and name

◦Project name

◦Student name


•Table of Contents ◦Use autogenerated TOC ◾Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so it is up-to-date before you submit your project.

◦Placed on a separate page

•Section Headings ◦Project Information (Week 1)

◦Capstone Project Milestone Plan (Week 1)

◦Requirements Specifications (Week 1)

◦Statement of Work (Week 2)

◦Project Plan (Week 2)

◦Project Resources (Week 2)

◦Communications Plan (Week 2)

◦Project Monitoring Reports (Week 3)

◦Project Control Process (Week 3)

◦Risk Assessment (Week 4)

◦Change Management Process (Week 4)

◦Project Closure Plan (Week 5)

◦Project Status Updates (Weeks 2–5)

Name your document “yourname_IT495_IP5.doc.”

Then, develop a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10–15 slides that summarizes the following:

•The goals of the project

•The project requirements

•The project plan

•The communications plan

•The project monitoring and control processes

•The risk assessment

•The change control process

•The network infrastructure diagram

•The closure plan

•The status update, what was been accomplished to date, and what is next

Add speaker notes to provide a narrative for each slide, or record a presentation of the slides and imbed it with the PowerPoint slides.

Deliverable Length: 3–5 pages of new content; 10–15 PowerPoint slides with speaker notes

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