practical exercise word processing

Practical Exercise

Word Processing

  • Develop a flyer advertising the Grand Opening of a new Pizzeria.
  • You must use WORD ART for the title of the flyer.
    • You choose your title
  • Include all necessary information – time, date, place, etc.
    • Make up this information, but keep it realistic
    • Be thorough, make the people want to come to the opening.
    • Keep it short but accurate and to the point
  • The following elements MUST ALSO BE INCLUDED:
    • Images (2 or more images)
      • Do not use your image as the background of a page.
    • Modify the images
      • Use effects
      • Use styles…
    • At least 1 Text Box(es)
    • Page Border
    • Footer
      • must include your name and student ID#
    • Must fit on 1 page
    • Page Properties
      • Your Name
      • SUBJECT
      • Tags (use 3 or more keywords separated by commas)
        • Tags should be words that describe the document, not the number of the assignment or your initials.
  • Save your flyer as yourname_P1.
    • Be Creative !!!!


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