I made a fictional organzation that requires a grant proposal. The orgranization is for retired military movie personnel spouses. There are programs for active duty personnel spouse but none taht i know of for retired militaty spouse. My organzation will assist the retired military spouse with education and job placement. I will attach my outline for you can get an idea of my thought. The powerpoint must have these section listed below on each slides and discuss in the powerpoint each section in bullet point format no paragraph.

Probem/ Need. This is where the applicant really make the case for the program.

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Objective_ Objectives state very clearly and precisely what the proposal will achieve what service will be deilieverd in concrete and achieveable terms.

Methods- The propaosal should include a complete description of how the applicant palns to conduct research or provide a service

Evaluation- Importatnt to gather evidence that shows the funded activites are achieving the objectives claimed for them.

Future Funding- The disjunction between the one-time  grant and the on-going needs of the program.

Dissemination- refer to spreading the word, service delivery, program , grant, funding source and we hope , sucesses.

Budject -A careful detailed budject becasue granting agencies are punctilious in their accounting semainds of grant recipients. 

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