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Question 1: Networking protocols, concepts, and standards [10 marks]

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(a) The OSI protocol stack includes Session and Presentation layers in addition to its Application layer. TCP/IP applications, such as Telnet and FTP, have no such separate layers defined. Do you think that such a separation should be made? Give some advantages and disadvantages of incorporating the OSI approach into TCP/IP. [4 marks]

b)Show the calculations for finding the estimated percentages of overhead for TCP/IP protocol for IPv4 and IPv6 versions.[4 marks]

(c) Why is the length of a TCP segment limited to 65,536 bytes? [2 marks]

Question 2: SDLC and ITSM [20 marks]

(a) What new ITSM trends and technologies are surfacing? [4 marks]

(b) Discuss the roles and responsibilities of Incident Manager and Change Manager in ITSM. [6 marks]

(c) How does the Spiral model overcome the limitation of the Waterfall cycle model and the V-shaped cycle model? [5 marks]

(d) Compare and contrast the Waterfall and V-Model of SDLC. Present two cases where each of the models will be best suited. [5 marks]

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