Physics 12 Electromagnetism

1. What is the purpose of a Bubble chamber? What is it used for?

2. Some chemistry: The simplified diagram on the upper right shows that the particles enter thechamber from the left hand side. The chamber is filled with liquid hydrogen and/or helium. Justbefore the particles enter the chamber, the piston (labelled) is lowered. What happens to thepressure of the liquid?

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Physics 12 Electromagnetism
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3. After the piston is lowered, the liquid is said to be superheated. This means that it is right at thepoint where it would boil with any additional input of energy. Discuss how this state allows us tocreate “bubbles”” or “”trails”” when the particles enter the liquid.

4. The coils in the diagram represent a cross-section of a solenoid that surrounds the liquid. Onceturned on

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