organize provided data sets and provide a written summary of the information

Descriptive Statistics Data Analysis

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Please be sure to follow the assignment instructions and review the provided grading rubric carefully.

For this assignment, you will organize data sets into number groupings based on the variables presented and conduct some basic calculations in Excel (or one of many free online tools) on a given data set such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance. Then you will write a brief analysis describing aspects of the results. If you use Excel or another spreadsheet program, save your file because you will have an opportunity to use this same data set in Unit 3 to create graphical illustrations of that data.

Scenario: You were tasked by a retail company to look at the performance ratings of 15 customer service employees. The manager used a tool to rate performance on a scale from 1 (poor performance) to 4 (excellent performance). The manager also gave you the years of service for each person. For this assignment, you will calculate some basic descriptive statistics and describe the data based on how the rating of performance seems to compare to the years of service.

Click here for assignment instructions.

Your paper must be two to three pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) and include

  • A title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date
  • A copy of your data analysis results.
  • An introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
  • A separate references page. You must use at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources. It is important that the paper is in proper APA format. Refer to the General APA Guidelines from Purdue Owl or The Basics of APA Stylefor more information.

Review the rubric to ensure you understand how you will be evaluated on this assignment: Unit 2 Rubric

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