offshoring and partnering

Suppose a recent report revealed that offshoring may have positive effects on production costs and operational efficiency, but that there is minimal evidence of positive effects on customer service, satisfaction, human resources costs, marketplace image, and home country morale. Suppose this same report also revealed a large majority of the managers surveyed are local hires and almost one half of them approached their initial relocation with a third party. In addition, almost 80 percent of the respondents cited labor cost savings as the formal measure of their offshoring effectiveness.

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offshoring and partnering
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  • Put these findings together and assess whether you think they support a strong relationship between the corporation and its workforce.
  • Consider the other examples of relationships between corporations and their workforces that you have previewed in this course that are working and are not working. Do you think they give you any hints about what should be the criteria for measuring a sustainable relationship? Explain.
  • Is cost savings alone the answer in business effectiveness? How so or why not?
  • In addition, consider the subindustry you chose in the Unit 6 assignment:
    • What criteria would you draft for developing a sustainable relationship for operating in a country outside of the United States?
    • Are there any examples that support the findings presented above?
    • Are there any examples that refute the study’s findings?

Prepare a one- to two-page review for an industry executive that recommends a set of standards for developing relationships with the host countries.

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