NUTR-2500-Sports Nutrition

Step 1: Choose an ergogenic aid and enroll at least 1 week before 2A is due.

There will be a sign up for each ergogenic aid listed below in Brightspace (there are only 7- 8students per topic). Review the following list of ergogenic aids, then navigate to “My Tools” >“Groups” > and select the group you would like to enroll in.

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse during exercise

Medium Chain Tri-glycerides



Step 2: Complete your Assignment 2A: Independent Literature Search and Article Description

1. Look up your ergogenic aid on or Gatorade Sport Science Institute tounderstand why athletes are interested in this supplement. *Please note and Gatorade Sport Science Institute cannot be used as an academicsource as it is a website not a journal article. This is for background understanding only*Complete an academic literature search (i.e. Find articles from peer-reviewed publications). Use the Langara library links provided if you have not completed an academic literature search before. *Make sure you leave yourself adequate time to collect 3. Download the worksheet for assignment 2A from the Assignment folder on the course website. 4. Summarize each of the 3 different academic articles on your ergogenic aid and athletes

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