NUTR-154 PART B: Cultural Application

2.Research the cultural aspects of food for that country (or region).  How does the geography of the country (or region) determine the kinds of food eaten most often? What else has an impact on foods eaten or not eaten? (E.g. religion). Discuss the top 3 foods in each of the following categories: fruits and vegetables, protein foods, grains, and “other” foods used in that country.  3.Identify 2 signature dishes, and one holiday food of the country (or region). Discuss any mealtime traditions and food customs of the country (or region).4.Develop a menu for the social event. You will be hosting 20 people. The menu must consist of an appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink common to the country (or region). 5.Provide a recipe for each dish (appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink-if appropriate). Then scale the recipes for 20 servings. Use excel to scale the recipes. You must show the original recipes as well as the scaled recipes.Provide a breakdown of the cost of the recipes. You must cost each item in each recipe for 20 servings.  Use the following table.

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