Nursing/ English

Fiction Analysis – Final Draft

By the due date assigned, submit your revised analytical essay on short fiction as a Microsoft Word document.

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 Revise the Week 4 analytical essay by doing the following:

  1. Consider how you want to incorporate the ideas and arguments from the outside source you located for your Week 5 scholarly article discussion. Include at least one quotation from the source in your final draft. Be sure to use APA style to cite it appropriately in the body of the essay and in the references section.
  2. Consider the feedback you received on your rough draft from your instructor, peers, and Smarthinking (if submitted for review), and determine what changes you want to make. Do you need a more engaging opener or a stronger thesis? Do you need to reinforce your arguments and add more supporting evidence? Do you have areas to develop or clarify? Are you satisfied with your conclusion?
  3. Once you have revised the essay, review it for editing issues. Run the spell checker and grammar checker in Word, and then proofread, looking for typos the checkers might have missed. Read it out loud to listen for awkward places and fine tune the flow.
  4. Make sure you have applied APA rules of style to source citations as well as the overall formatting of your essay. 

 Submit the essay to the Submissions Area when you are happy with your finished product.


The story A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is narrated using the third person perspective. The descriptions used are in the person far away. An example is seen when the narrator says “He had better get off the street now. The guard will get him”.      

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The third person perspective has a narrator who tells a story about other characters. He is not involved. This creates a distance between the narrator and the active characters in the story. The overall effect of this to my reading and interpretation is that am not drawn into story world making it uneasy to understand and make arguments. On the other hand, he uses pronouns for example “he” making it limited perspective. This causes establishment of tension since the narrator does not know everything about the story hence building curiosity.

On application of the first narration, the reader is drawn into the story making it more readable and interesting. This will make the narrative improve on its reason which is to inform and entertain. On the other hand, it can limit what the story teller knows about the characters limiting the flow of the narrative. If the second perspective was employed in the story chosen, it could make the story less interesting and readable as it is cumbersome and awkward. Its main effect is that it narrates emotions and feeling of the reader to them (Harper, 2004). This is not up to the mark for a fictitious story. The effect of changing the perspective in the story lies in both advantages and disadvantages. On the same, the merits are outweighed by the demerits hence the narration in the story should not be changed due to readability.


Hemingway,E. (2013). A clean well-lighted place. In X.J Kennedy and D Gioia(Eds.) The Literature Collection: An E-Text [VitalSource digital version] (p. 49). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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