NURS2010 Managing Care in Professional Practice


In an academic discussion applying your understanding to your allocated case, respond to the following criteria:

  1. Fundamentals of Care:
  • Fundamentals of Care – Relational:
  • Discuss why it is important to establish a professional nurse-patient relationship with your patient.
  • Discuss FOUR strategies you could use to establish a therapeutic relationship with your patient. Support this discussion with evidence-based rationales for each strategy.
  • Fundamentals of Care – Physical:

Discuss the role of the nurse in providing care to your case study patient, supported with evidence-based rationales informed by anatomy, physiology and/ or pathophysiology in addressing ONE of the following patient needs:

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? Personal cleansing (hygiene) and dressing (include oral, mouth care) and dressing

? Comfort (pain management, positioning)

? Safety (risk assessment, infection prevention, minimising complications)

  • Psychosocial fundamentals of care:

Discuss the role of the nurse in providing care to your case study patient, supported with evidence-based rationales to meet ONE (1) of the following needs:

? Communication

? Privacy

? Having values and beliefs considered and respected

  1. ISBAR handover:
  • Drawing upon your discussion in PART 1 of this assessment, develop an ISBAR handover of your case study patient:
  • Introduction:
  • Situation:
  • Background:
  • Assessment:
  • Recommendation:

Scenario – Mrs Ida Smith

Patient information:

  • Date of birth: 2/02/1933
  • Patient Unit Record Number: 654321
  • Lives alone in a two-bedroom unit, retired retail manager.
  • Husband passed away 3 years ago
  • Children – two daughters – one lives interstate (Megan) the other (Susan) lives nearby and calls in several times a week
  • Pets – 4-year-old spaniel called Sophie.
  • Admitted two days ago following fall at home in her bathroom.
  • Diagnosis – proximal humerus fracture (right), arm in a sling and experiencing sharp pain on movement – ordered Panadeine Forte 6hrly PRN.
  • To see physio today to begin passive arm exercises and increase mobility
  • Medical history – osteoporosis and takes Fosamax

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