NST 1010 Introduction to Astronomy


Here is your opportunity to go outside and experience astronomy. For this project you will go outside at night and observe at least 5 objects in the sky. Please see list below. This will require you observe more than once, and may include a trip to the Babson telescope – times TBD. For each observation you must record the following information.

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Date, time and location (N-S-E-W)Weather conditionsSurroundingsSketch of the object and other objects surrounding1 hour time span (before and after of objects shape and position)On Blackboard, I will be uploading some hints for each of these objects to help you in your observations. Objects to observe:1.Phases of the Moon2.Topology of the Moon3.Motion of “Polaris”4.3-4 Constellations 5.Planets6.Orion Nebula7.Andromeda Galaxy8.Objects TBDAt the end of the semester you will write a report based on the 5 objects you observed. The format of this report will be posted later in the semester. You should work together (for safety purposes!), but each person must turn in their OWN report.

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