need answer total 3000 word apa format with reference book and citation

  • Chapter 3. Project Selection and Portfolio Management (200 word each)
  • Chapter 4. Leadership and the Project Manager   (200 word each)
  • Chapter 5. Scope Management   (200 word each)
  • Chapter 6. Project Team Building, Conflict, and Negotiation  (200 word each)
  • Chapter 7. Risk Management   (200 word each)
  • Chapter 8. Cost Estimation and Budgeting   (200 word each)
  • Chapter 9. Project Scheduling: Networks, Duration Estimation, and Critical Path  (200 word each)
  • Chapter 10. Project Scheduling: Lagging, Crashing, and Activity Networks  (200 word each)
  • Chapter 11. Advanced Topics in Planning and Scheduling: Agile and Critical Chain  (200 word each)
  • Chapter 12. Resource Management  (200 word each)
  • Chapter 13. Project Evaluation and Control   (200 word each)
  • Chapter 14. Project Closeout and Termination  (200 word each)
  • Practical Connection Assignment ( what we can learn from Executing the project and above all chapter) 500 word

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