my topic is affordable housing focusing in toronto canada

My topic is Affordable housing focusing in Toronto, Canada.

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Below is an attached document with the outline and some resources.

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Outline part 1

LHUM 1215: History of Social Policy Assignment Description and Evaluation Criteria 2020

Policy Analysis & Research Paper Part 1 Due: Week 4 electronically Value: 45%
For this paper you will choose a topic of study that is relevant to current Canadian Social Policy. You will write a paper that reflects your analysis of an issue contained in a particular piece of provincial or federal legislation/policy.
This analysis will briefly include the historical context. The legislation should be related to a particular Canadian social policy area that you have discussed with me prior to beginning this project.
This assignment is designed as a process that includes discussion, writing, feedback, and more writing. Through this process I hope that you will improve your writing and citation practices, the topic of your paper will become more focused, you will increase the depth of your research, and you will develop your understanding of the complexities within your topic.
This topic can be directly related to your research in other courses or it can be a new topic area.

LHUM 1215: History of Social Policy Assignment Description and Evaluation Criteria 2020

Part 1: In the “DRAFT” of your paper you will use the outline for the final paper to guide your work.

This part of the assignment should be between 5-8 pages in length. Verdana 11pt should be the font used, 11⁄2-spacing, and maximum 2.5cm
Do not use a running head; however, do have a header and page numbers.

• Prepare a comprehensive outline that will constitute the structure of your final paper. This outline should have headings/sections and demonstrate the overall framework of the paper.

• Write a draft version of your paper. This will be significantly shorter than the final paper. It is expected that you will cover detail in some areas but present minimal work in other sections and that everything will be developed fully for the final paper.

• Include a working bibliography with at least ten (10) resources (for draft version).

• Your reference material should be a combination of academic articles, books, policy reports, government documents, critiques, current media, etc. Ensure you have a wide range of materials covering a variety of perspectives.

• In addition to the draft, provide three (3) annotations of articles/books etc. (for the draft only), that are central to your topic. Each annotation should be no longer than 1⁄2 a page.

• This DRAFT should be formatted in APA style.

• As the author of this paper please ensure you keep in mind the course description and outcomes so that they come through in your work.

Please use the following guidelines as you construct your paper.

Title: Full title indicating the topic/issues the paper is dealing with.
I. Introduction
• The social policy or program that will be studied in this paper.

• The social issue(s) that the policy/program is intended to address.
• Significance of this issue to social policy and social welfare (Why is this an
important issue that needs to be studied? What issues frame the
contemporary discussion of this issue?).

• A description of how you organized your paper.

II. The Causes, Scope and Implications of the Problem

• What are the causes of (or socioeconomic, psychological, political and
cultural factors influencing) the problem/issue?

• How serious is the problem?

• What are the characteristics of the population most affected by the problem?
• Include a description of the historical background of this
III. Description and Analysis of Policies/ Programs
• What are the current federal/provincial policies and programs that deal with this issue?
• What is their (political, social, and/or economic) rationale?

• Are they meeting the needs of the population group(s) most affected by the
problem? Do they work effectively?

• Have they been implemented as they were planned? What are anticipated
results vs. the unanticipated results?
• Include a discussion of strengths and weaknesses.
IV. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations
• Based on your analysis and critique state the needed improvement in current policies and programs: What goals should be set to improve things? What strategies can achieve these goals?
• Who should take responsibility for improving things?

• What cost might be involved in your proposed strategy?
• Are the costs justified by the benefits to be realized?

• Are your recommendations possible to implement?
• What might go wrong with your solutions?

• Include a closing summary.

V. References (proper use of APA style):

• APA style (Article and books listed should be those that are actually cited in
the paper).

• Popular magazines, tabloids, and books that are not of academic nature must
not be used as reference source unless of significant influence and approved
by faculty prior to use.

• Newspaper articles may be cited when the subject is brand new and
academic research bases reference materials are nonexistent OR to frame
the issue in the current social/cultural context.

• Sources from the Internet may be cited (with proper citation, of course)
when they are academic and/or research-based.

• You are strongly encouraged to use the Canadian government publications
available online.
The final paper will be a continuation and development of your draft. In your final paper it is appropriate (desirable) to include the complexities and conundrums that you have come across in writing this paper, staying objective and moving through this process.
Your FINAL paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
v Completeness of overall analysis (e.g., did you cover all of the relevant questions?)
v Appropriate balance and tone of presentation (i.e., are you presenting both sides fairly?)
v Level of research and use of appropriate sources (sufficiently broad scope of research, not based solely on online sources).
v Follow through on draft feedback.
v Writing skill (including grammar, syntax, and overall flow of argument).
v Clear closing summary.
v Formatting & APA.

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