module 01 course project design an ip scheme for an enterprise 1

SomeCompany wants to deploy three routers to allow communication between the 3 buildings on their campus. The CTO wants the routers configured with the minimum number of IP addresses necessary using ten subnets as indicated on the Subnet worksheet. Construct a network diagram representing the desired network layout. You may choose to use the trial or free version of any of the following network diagramming software. Diagrams with water marks are acceptable.

Your network audit consists of the following information:

  • SomeCompany consists of 11 departments spread across three buildings.
  • Each building is connected using three Cisco 2800 Series routers. The three routers are located in the MIS wiring closet in Building 2.
  • Each department has its own Cisco 2950 switch.
  • There are at least two workstations in each department.
  • The company plans to use a class B address range starting at
  • Each department must be assigned a subnet. Subnets should be designed to allow for the maximum number of hosts on each department subnet using classful subnetting.

Partial list of available Tools to use:

  • Microsoft Office VISIO
  • Free Diagramming software
    • Dia Diagram Editor
    • yEd Graph Editor
    • Network Notepad
    • Cade
    • Diagram Designer
  • 30-day Trial versions with watermarks
    • Edraw
    • Smartdraw

Complete the Subnet Worksheet for each building and each department.

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