MKT101A Marketing


All of us are consumers and therefore are subject to all forms of marketing practices of organisation. We learn best by observation,analysis and understanding of “marketing in action”.

For this assessment, students are to compile 2 Reflective Journal entries on 2 different marketing initiatives that have been seen or have been experienced since commencing this course.

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Students are to use different organisations and different marketing initiatives.

This assessment requires students to focus on the key learning outcomes from their MKT101A studies and how they apply to real marketing initiatives.

1. The starting point for each Reflective Journal Entry will be a description of the marketing initiative (using visuals were possible) – the who, what when, where, and how – see below as to how students might source these

2. Then students are to reflect on the 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of the marketing initiative (ie what worked and what did not)

3. Students are to then link the initiative to the respective/appropriate contemporary marketing issue, being sure to explain why it considered to the the case

4. Finally, students are to provide 2 key insights that they acquired through studying this contemporary marketing issue There is no set “look” to a Reflective Journal. Essentially the structure and form will be what works best for each student but is considered to be more report like than essay formatted. Hence, students should avoid lengthy chucky paragraphs of narrative in favour of the use of sub-headings, tables, and bullet points. This formatting is encouraged as it will reduce the wordiness and increase the “readability”” of the work.

As Marketing is a very visual discipline

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