Mid-Term Project – Theory



Mid-Term Project – Theory

In this mid-term project you would write a comprehensive review of the Use of Analytics in Healthcare comprising the following topics and pages:


  • Cover page containing Project Title, Course code and course title, name of student, name of semester, instructor name, and date of submission.
  • Definition and description of Analytics         1-2 pages
  • Tools and techniques of Analytics                 6-8 pages

          o   Software analytical tools – SAS, SPSS, SQL, NLP, R, MS Excel


          o   Statistical analytical tools

                    §  Descriptive statistics

                    §  Probability variation

                    §  Hypothesis testing

                    §  The Chi-Square test

                    §  Correlations

                    §  Multiple regression

                    §  One-way and two-way Analysis of Variance


  • Data visualization or representation techniques


                    §  Charts

                    §  Graphs


  • Use of Analytics in Healthcare                    4-5 Pages


         o   In healthcare quality improvement

         o   In healthcare performance improvement

         o   In healthcare clinical decision making

         o   In healthcare administrative decision making

         o   In healthcare fraud detection

         o   In public health

         o   In pharmaceutical industry and discoveries

         o   In Human Genomic data analysis and Personalized Medicine


  • Role of data quality in healthcare analytics           1-2 pages
  • Summary                                                                 1 page
  • References in PA format                                         1-2 pages        


The paper should be double-spaced, APA formatted, and 12-15 long excluding the cover page and the reference page(s) and should be submitted in Moodle during week 7.

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