MGT2224 Business Environment Report

ere are two (main) parts to the assignment:

1)Mission, objectives and history of your assigned company [30% weighting]

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Identify the size and type of company, the sector(s) in which it operates, whether it competes on a narrow or broad basis, and if any the growth strategy. Evaluate the industries mission and how the industry claims to achieve its objectives through its activities and its relationships.

·A brief outline of the company – including, for instance, the nature of its business, its size, type and structure, markets and/or industrial sectors in which it operates, and main competitors. This could be part of the introduction.

·Identifying whether the company competes on a broad or narrow basis with a few illustrative examples from its activities to support the observations

·Evaluate the key ecological and social responsibility issues facing the company and the degree to which the issues are being addressed

Analyse the competitive market environment in which your company operates using an appropriate model (such as Porter’s Five Forces). The factors identified will be analysed in relation to company average(s) or key competitor(s).

1 person should do=

Identify and briefly evaluate the market forces that affect the competitive environment in which your company operates. This an analysis of the PESTEL (political, economic, socio-cultural and demographic, technological, and legal/regulatory) factors influencing the company’s business environment and identify/ evaluate the rate at which the key factors are changing.

1 Person should do =

Conclusion reflecting a judgement about the business environment in terms of the factors analysed in the report. If supported by evidence, comments about the stability and/or predictability in the business environment.

1 person should do =

3) Overall presentation (including citation and referencing, grammar and punctuation, use of appropriate charts, tables and diagrams), [10% weighting].

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