MGMT-703 Ethics and Stakeholder Management

Once your company has been selected and approved in the Company Selection Forum, you may begin your report.

On a weekly basis you will be expected to apply the chapter content to your selected company. The objective is to get you to “see” how the concepts are applied in a real company. Each week you will complete this exercise for the required chapter. Not only will it prepare you for the Tests, but it will also get you an additional 5% if all the Exercises are submitted on time and complete. You will get different questions on a weekly basis for each chapter, but these will also be possible questions in the Tests.

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1. Quality standards that apply to your work:

Report: Offer an analysis of your company, to answer the following questions:
1.What is the main purpose of your company and how does it contribute to society?
2.Who are your company’s most important stakeholders? Why?
3.Which ONE PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) sphere is most and least affected by your company? (Discuss these TWO)
4.Do you believe that your company is performing well on both dimensions of the social contract? Why or why not?

1.Explain the concept of stake and stakeholder from your perspective as an individual.
2.What kind of stakes and stakeholders does your company have, see figure (3-3, pg. 75)? 3.What kind of Legitimacy, Power and Urgency does your company’s stakeholders have, see figure (3-4, pg. 77)?
4.Which Stakeholder Approach: Strategic, Multifiduciary or Sythesis approach do you believe that your company is using?1.Identify several examples of “crises” for your firm which occurred in recent years. Were they Preventable, Strategic or External risks?
2.Using one of those “crises”, briefly explain it in terms of the Four Crisis Stages.
3.Do you believe your firm used any of the Five Practical Steps in Managing Crises?
4.Which of the major stages in the issue management process do you think is the most important?

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