MGMT-225 Leadership and Management

1. What is humanity?

2. What are the behaviors that make up humanity?

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3. What would someone look like who lacks humanity?

4. What would someone look like who has an excess of humanity?

5. How can humanity complement other character dimensions?

6. What would humanity look like if certain character dimensions were absent?

7. To what extent do you exercise humanity in your professional life and how you behave in the workplace?

8. Do you treat colleagues or co -workers – even those with whom you have significant disagreements or conflict – with compassion?

9. When you have had to do something difficult – like firing an employee, or laying people off- have you considered how they will feel and be affected by this decision? And have you looked for ways to protect their sense of dignity and self-respect, despite the reality of their loss?

10. What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

11. Can empathy be developed?

12. What other character dimensions may we need to call upon for empathy?

13. How can individuals and organizations benefit from being magnanimous?

14. What other character dimension can help us to be magnanimous?

15. Why is forgiveness important for leaders?

16. What other character dimensions are typically entangled with forgiveness?

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