MGMT 1101 Introduction to Management

Describe the customers your organization serves. What type of information should beincluded when researching their customers? Information may include, but is notlimited to, factors such as age, gender, income, ethnicity, occupation, location (dothey live in urban, suburban, or rural areas?), values and interests, etc. Essentially,you’ll need to research who your company targets and provide a description of theirperfect customer.
Mission and Core Values
• Describe the mission of the organization (purpose of the organization/ why theyexist).
• In addition to providing the organization’s mission, interpret the organization’scorporate culture and core values.
• Your personal insights/ideas/perspectives are evident throughout.
• Research must be evident throughout.
• If you cannot find the organization’s mission statement you’ll need to identify their“purpose” on your own and explain, based on your research, why they exist andwhat you feel their mission is

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